I’m sharing these tools because I want you to win and I want you to have the best possible life you can have. I want to help you create your life by design.

Over the last decade, I’ve invested over $60,000 in my personal growth. Believe me, this is nothing compared to how much others have invested. However, I can definitely tell you some methods and resources work better than others depending where the person is at, their current beliefs, and their level of openness at that moment in time.

I’m sharing the resources that helped me at different times in my life. This doesn’t mean you have to follow them in the same order I did, or use them all. The truth is that as I kept growing and expanding my consciousness, I kept attracting new and different things that kept helping to continue my progress and growth. In this guide, I’m listing what’s available. Allow yourself to be called through your intuition to what will best serve you right now. Remember, it took me 10 years to go through all these, so be kind to yourself and take this journey one step at a time. Remember, we aim for progress not perfection. Bottom line: this is not a final destination process; this is a journey and it’s important to realize that the journey of self-development never ends.

Even though I have my favorites now, I’m listing everything I’ve used because at some moment in time each had a profound impact in my life. I’m 100% certain that whatever tool you choose to use first is perfect and will absolutely change your life. Trust yourself and trust your intuition. Trust that the biggest step is making the decision to upgrade your life, in whichever way that may be for you.

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