NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)

NLP Helped me at a time where I was under a lot of pressure financially and emotionally.  It gave me tools of communication and it helped me to go from having my account on negative to having a single commission check of $30,000.  It helped me to go from depression to optimism and desire to live.  

Not only did it save my life at that moment in time, it helped me help the people close to me and that I love, including my children, my sisters, friends and colleagues. 


This is definitely one of my favorite resources that I continue to use until this day and continue to learn.  

NLP techniques allow us to reprogram our unconscious beliefs in instants and when our beliefs change, our world around us does too.

An NLP Breaththrough is one where you choose one area of your life where you would like a massive change and improvement on.

What I love about it the most is that it is painless and efficient.  You don’t need to relive all of your experiences from the past, cry or suffer in order to obtain the change and desired outcome.

The second thing I love about it is that the change is instant.  Literally after a 7 min process you can go from a disempowering belief to an empowered belief.  I’ve experienced it in myself and in so many people I’ve been able to help through NLP Breakthroughs.  

All of these changes are being done at the subconscious level, making it easy to take congruent action that will support you in making these changes permanent and effortless. 

How do we do it: 

1) Discovery of your personal detail history 

2) Identifying what the limiting beliefs are and/or conflicts getting in the way 

3) Reprogramming the disempowering beliefs for the desired ones 

4) Aligning your values according to what will serve you to reach your goals.

I would like a personal breakthrough

I would like to learn NLP and become a Master Practitioner

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