Meet The Queen Latina

Melissa Barba coined “The Queen Latina” to represent a fully-embodied Hispanic woman who owns her life and works diligently to increase her value, experience, and joy. As an immigrant, Melissa is no stranger to adversity and hard work. Listening to the voice, Melissa took a huge leap of faith and risked everything she knew to pursue something bigger. With two young children in tow, she found herself in a new country without a job, without funds, alone, and on her own. From there, Melissa created her own adventure and applied her talents to become a self-made business owner. Through extensive inquiry, application, and personal development, Melissa awakened her own queen within. She embodies health, joy, passion, happiness, motherhood, and success; reaching the top 6% of income in the United States as a minority single mother. 


The reason why I wrote this book is because just like you, I’ve had trials and tribulations. I’m here because I want to share with you 1) What’s possible if you dare to dream; and, 2) how to reach those dreams in a faster, easier way.


I struggled a lot for many years, sometimes financially, sometimes emotionally. I was trapped in a way of thinking that didn’t support my success. It wasn’t all bad, I’ve had my good times and my tough times. However there were definitely more than a few defining moments in my life. The problem is that this way of thinking was unconscious.


As I learned to become more conscious and intentional, I went from following the direction of others to creating my own direction. I went from working at a very early age, marrying young, and following my family’s religion to leaving my former faith, ending my marriage, and becoming empowered and whole as a single mother. I definitely struggled along the way as a single mom and faced extreme emotional and financial pressure. Over the last decade, it has been my obsession and passion to continuously discover, learn, and apply different methods to help my life get better, faster. I’d love for you to benefit from this just as much as I have.


I intend to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you increase the quality of all areas of your life.


New resources and services will be added as I experience them. If you have a service or resource that’s in alignment with The Queen Latina vision of empowering and supporting women to create their lives by design, please let us know. Our community and network is best served in partnership. Let’s build our empire supporting one another.

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